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Bikejor is a harness sport where the dog is attached to the front of a mountain bike using a longer bungee line and a bikejor arm, which helps to keep the line off of the front wheel while the dog is running out front. We have been using bikejor for fitness with our dogs for the last 7 years and have raced in bikejor events with our schnauzer. At various events we have also been handlers for others who are racing. 

Our insurance providers cover us for bikejor instruction and supervision, however we highly recommend that if you are wishing to bikejor your dog, you should purchase cani-sport specific insurance.

( see below for more information)

bikejor racing dog, schnauzer, trail shoes


Dogs will need a harness attached the the front of the bike with a long bungee line, which is suspended above the front wheel with a specific arm; known as a bikejor arm. You will also need a helmet and safety equipment as accidents can occur.

We strongly advise that if you wish to train in this discipline you acquire public liability insurance. It is also advised to confirm where you plan to train and ensure you are welcome to bikejor there. Some National Forests do NOT allow bikejor on their land without specific permits. However, with a permit, comes a designated area where you can train.

Insurance can come through clubs, or through the British Sleddog Sports Federation.


It is recommended that dogs under the age of 18 months do not bikejor, but this doesn't mean you cannot start teaching them the basics before hand. Almost all breeds and sizes can participate, however if you have a brachycephalic breed, they may struggle with the level of exertion. If you have any questions about your dog participating in this activity you should consult your vet.

You need: a bike, bike arm, comfortable harness for your dog, bungee line, helmet and ideally gloves, goggles and proctetive clothing.

If you like the sound of bikejor, then you will need to make direct contact with Canicross Coaching HQ, either via email


through our on site enquiry option

Bikejor sessions are done on a 1:2:1 basis currently, but may well appear as a mini-course in the winter months.

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Bikejoring little dog ArcticWolf Harness
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