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If you want to grow your skills and bond with your dog, why not give our canicross awards a go? A great focused programme of learning with fun at it's heart as you and your dog go for GOLD!


©️Davison 2023

IDEAL FOR - hiking, non-runners and beginners

Are you trail ready?

Our bronze award is a programme of study / series of activities designed to help you develop a great trail dog.

A great trail dog is a dog who can work confidently in harness and be attached to their human for a hike/run activity. They can follow key commands and remain focused on the trail while in harness. This level covers kit and key trail skills for both human and dog.

©️Davison 2023

IDEAL FOR - Hiking, jogging, running in groups.

Are you pack ready?

Can you explore the trails with your dog in a class / pack environment? This level covers key aspects of reading your dog's behaviour and that of others in your group. It will help to solidify behaviours so that you can, ( if you wish) participate in races and organised events which welcome canicross participants. 


©️Davison 2023

IDEAL FOR - Those wishing to participate in organised races / events with both dog runners and non dog runners.

Hiking handlers may wish to complete this level but at slower paces.

Are you race ready?

Our gold level award is for those who want more challenge and provides you with the skills to be able to race at regional and national level if you wish. This level of award covers skills around busy start lines, preparing and maintaining kit, as well as working with your dog over more complex trails and environments. Even if you are not wanting to race at full speed, this level of award will help you to challenge yourself and your dog in different situations and with varying distractions along the way. 

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