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Cani-hike provides a similar experience to canicross, but with less speed and is a great way to re-introduce exercise into your routine as well as providing a controlled socialisation environment. We provided guided hikes between 2 and 5 miles where you can hike with your dog and build fantastic bonds while exploring the outdoors.

Person with dog

Socialisation under

In the last few years, many people were unable to enjoy the outdoors in groups with their dogs, so we provide controlled social experiences for owners and their dogs. Not only do you get to explore the outdoors, you can do so while still raising your heartrate and working your body physically. Because of our group practices, we spread dogs apart so that everyone gets a chance to be with dogs without being on top of them all the time. This provides a controlled social experience for all where good behaviours are encouraged and solidified.

Dogs hike in font of their owner using a harness and line attached to a waist belt. The idea is to walk with purpose and encourage forward movement over varied terrain.

Healthy hiking

Hiking will increase your heart rate and get your blood pumping. A good pace is one where you're capable of holding a conversation, but with a few breaths in your sentences. This is a sign of your heart rate increasing. In fact, according to the British Heart Foundation, you can reduce the risk of heart and circulatory disease by 35% by being more active. So what's stopping you?

Not only is walking at pace good for your heart, it provides you with opportunity to chat to others in the group and enjoy the outdoors; both are great ways to help manage your mental health and make time for you.

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