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Biking with your dog

Bikejor is where you bike with your dog on trails. To bikejor with your dog, it is imperative that you have a good level of competency on a bike and that your dog can focus on a trail and follow commands. Depending upon what level you wish to ride at, this can be a great alternative to jogging with your dog if you do not have the fitness or perhaps physical ability.

We offer introductions to bikejor and 1:2:1 coaching so that you can feel comfortable exploring the countryside with your dog. Just remember that bikejor is not suitable for public footpaths and some forests and lands will require you to have a permit to ride / train. It is advisable to have insurance for training. We can point you in the right direction of where to look for suitable grounds and insurance cover.

We have a full kit bag that we can lend out for those wishing to try bikejor.


What you need

Mountain bike

A hardtail mountain bike is an ideal starter for bikejor. It should be safe and trail worthy and in good condition. There is no need for clip on shoes at the introductory level. You will need a helmet and if you enjoy it and intend to take it further, then body protection is also advisable.

Bikejor arm

A bikejor arm helps to hold the bungee line away from the front wheel. There are various types of arms, from those which permanently attach to the bike, to those which you can remove with a simple open of velcro. ( Don't worry, they are much stronger than they sound!)

Bungee line

A bikejor bungee line is usually around 3 metres in length and allows for the dog to pull without being jerked by the bike when they pull. It helps to absorb the pull. 

Y Front Harness

Your dog requires a Y front harness so that they can pull forward without any airway restriction. The harness should be purpose made for cani-sports and provide a comfortable pull for your dog.

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