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Let's talk kit in a bit more detail!​​

We are incredibly proud to be able to provide kit for use to our clients when they attend classes, thanks to Arctic Wolf. Our kit bag holds a range of harnesses and belts including Non-Stop and Arctic Wolf.

A good harness should have a Y shaped neck and have the base of the 'Y' resting on the dog's sternum ( chest bone) when they lean into the harness. The sides of the harness should not rub too closely to the front leg and reach no further back than the last rib.

We recommend that you try several harnesses before committing to purchasing your equipment. You may find that your dog changes shape and size over time, so you should aim to check the harness regularly for fit and suitability.

We are pleased to announce that 'The Woof Hub' are a local authorised supplier of canicross equipment in Worksop and many other retailers can be found online supplying a range of equipment.

The Woof Hub, Canicross kit

Let's Talk Kit for you!​​

When running on the trails, it is important to wear the correct kit. To participate in canicross, you would benefit from comfortable clothing which you can run in and layers. Layers are beneficial for keeping you warm as canicross and canisport is predominantly a winter sport.

Shoes - A good pair of trail shoes will set you up for a safer run. When looking at shoes you will hear terms like 'lugs' and 'drop' and 'Gore-Tex' as well as 'toe box'.  Lugs are the rubber spikes which stick out from the base of the shoe. The depth of these can vary from 4mm to 8mm. The deeper the lug ( higher the number) the more muddy the shoe is suited for.  A 4mm lug would be great for a mixture of light sand/mud and wooded trail. For the muddier ground a deeper lug is ideal. Gore-Tex is ideal for keeping water out; however it does come with the caveat that if water gets into your shoe then Gore-Tex is great at keeping it in as well!  A toe box refers to the front of the shoe and should be considered if you have wide or narrow feet.

Canicross clothing - We have a range of personalised options for our clients, all created by a local company specifically for you! From T-Shirts to hoodies and bobble hats to dog jackets, there is something to suit everyone. The option to personalise your kit is brilliant and can be delivered or collected in person.



Canicross top personalised
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Personalised canicross top
Canicross hoodie
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