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We love spending time with our dogs and enjoying the great outdoors. One of our biggest satisfactions comes from seeing people really bond and realise that they are capable of more than they first thought.

We have three core beliefs:

1 – Canicross and cani-sport is about much more than being the fastest in the group

2 – If you are up for it, you’ll learn more than you thought you would and discover that you are capable of so much more than you originally thought

3 – It is not about us, it is about you and your own ambitions or goals, our job is to help you reach those goals and enjoy the journey along the way.

Although her training and racing pedigree are fine indicators of her skills as a coach, Anne-Marie also completed the six week course to become a Cani-Fit certified canicross leader, with over 9 years of experience of running dogs in harnesses as well as being England Athletics trained and a full time teacher and mentor for new aspiring teachers. Having strong knowledge of coaching and fitness is important to developing the skills necessary for success. Helping others realise their potential is her passion, which really comes across in classes as well as when she travels to events to support her own runners and their dogs. Anne-Marie can be found at many races just cheering and supporting her affectionately known 'squad'.​ If you want to work from couch to 5k, or just want someone to teach you more about canicross, then get in touch and we can have a chat.

Our achievements include racing in local events with all three of our dogs, as well as racing in National Championship races with The British Sleddog Sports Federation and ranking top 5 for the last three series. This year we maintained 3rd place ranking at a National Championship and finished top 25 as part of Team GB at the World Championships in France last year.

Anne-Marie has been recognised for her passion and genuine enthusiasm for the sport by Arctic Wolf whom she is now an abassador for, as well as The Woof Hub with whom she works closely to introduce new clients to canicross.

In her 'spare time' she then trains and races in sprint triathlons in order to maintain her fitness as well as to learn new skills and techniques which she can then impart back to her own clients.

National and international racing


Feb 2022 - National Championships Day 1 3rd

Feb 2022 - National Championships Day 2 3rd

Apr 2022 - World Championships France 25th

Oct 2022 - Terrex 7k Grimsthorpe  2nd, 1st female

Nov 2022 - Canicross Midlands Locko Day 1 3rd

Nov 2022 - Canicross Midlands Locko Day 2 3rd

Dec 2022 - National Championships Day 1 3rd

Dec 2022 - National Championships Day 2 3rd

Mar 2023 - Staunton Harold 5k 3rd

May 2023 - Confirmed GB team member

Current fastest 1km - 3:05

Current fastest 1mile - 5:20

Latest results / stats

Anne-Marie races with her Dobermann B on a regular basis throughout the winter season. Racing usually runs from September through to April and the team head out to various races including the British National Championships, as well as racing in various other championships leagues. This season saw every outing for the team ending in podium placings which has been a fantastic achievement for both participants. 

The team is sponsored by Hawk Wellness of Newark, who help keep the team fit, healthy and strong in preparation for the new season. Hawk provides a range of treatments and plans for those recovering from injury as well as for those looking to train injury free.

If you'd like to offer sponsorship, please note that all funds are spent on kit, or upkeep for our dogs in order to allow us to attend races. We are currently preparing for the World Championships in October, so if you feel you might be able to support, please get in touch. Every little helps and all funding goes towards the team and racing.


Phone: 07969325214

Team Canicross Coaching:
Our regular racers!
           Our own sponsored athlete - Olivia Deacon and Finnick


Our vision is to have people enjoying canisports and racing in events where possible. This year we have sponsored Olivia and Finnick so that they can race at the British National Championships with The British Sleddog Sports Federation. This will allow them to compete for a national ranking and an opportunity to race for the British Team in international events.

Running Dog
           Lizzie and Mollie


Lizzie and Mollie have been running together for just over a year. Mollie was a rescue dog who required some extra stimulation and physically challenging activities. She has certainly found that in canisports. LIzzie often races with Mollie at various events and has taken part in several canicross specific races with her. Since Mollie shows such a good focus on the trail, the team have even dabbled in bikejor and will be trying their hand at this in the new season.

Running Dog
           Lisa and Zoomer


Lisa joined our group last year having never ran before. She became determined to get outdoors and get fit and fast forward 15 months and she is now often seen racing for her 'bling' on a regular basis. Her trail dog Zoomer is a gorgeous visla who enjoys nothing more than being cheered on as the team head to the finish. Just watch out if he makes a beeline for you! You WILL get visla kisses!

Running Dog
            Laura and Bella


Laura and Bella have been running together for around a year and both participate in local races, as well as other events when they are travelling across the country. Bella is an older dog who enjoys running with Laura and prefers to have shorter trails. she is great in a group and has remained fit and healthy as she matures. Canicross is fantastic for keeping older dogs in shape and supple.

Running Dog
            Abi and Pip


Abbie and Pip started their journey together after Abbie contacted us about gettgni fitter. When they first ssarted, neither Abbie or Pip could run more than 80 metre, however through their hard work and newfound enjoyment, Abbie and Pip now regularly run and bikejor together and have completed multiple races over hte last eighteen months, gathering bling and race photos to be proud of!

Running Dog
            Becky and Max

Becky came to us 16 months ago looking to try a new activity for her and her dog. As a full time carer, she wanted some time which was just for her. Fast forward a few months and she became confident enough to head out on the trails on her own. Twelve months later and Becky and Max are regulars at classes and often help out newer teams or more nervous runners. We are so proud of their transformation that we've even made them ambassadors as they embody everything we believe in! Way to go team!

Running Dog
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