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What we do

Canicross class   Canicross coach

Many of our clients start off with our hike sessions, these are ideal for all levels of ability and provide a relaxed environment in which to build up your skills. We offer a range of services to our clients, provided in a friendly and encouraging environment. Have a look below, there's bound to be something to suit you and your dog. There's no pressure to run multiple times per week, as we understand that in the modern world this may not be a possibility for everyone.  All our sessions are bookable on a single session basis.

  1:2:1 COACHING


If you are not feeling very confident, or have a specific goal in mind, then a 1:2:1 coaching session would be an ideal starting point for you. Whether you are looking to gain confidence, fitness, work on a specific behaviour with your dog or if you are looking to develop skills to race together, we can tailor a session to suit you.

Providing you with  video feedback and instant analysis is a great way to make huge improvements to your performance.

1:2:1 coaching can be offered for juniors and our coach is fully qualified and DBS cleared and safeguard trained / certified.

This service comes with use of kit if required. We can also provide an introduction to bikejor in a one to one environment upon enquiry.

£25.50 per hour

Running Dog
Schnauzer Canicross
            GROUP TRAINING


We offer a range of activities to suit all abilities.

New to exercise? try our hike sessions.

Looking to build fitness and the bond with your dog? pop along to our mixed ability groups.


We hold regular hikes with our groups where we explore the forest together.  A hike is ideal for those who have had injury and those who want to walk their dogs safely and in a controlled environment.


Our regular walk to run groups are designed for the beginner, or those who are looking to build fitness without the pressure of long running sections. These sessions provide a great mix of walking and gentle jogging to help build fitness in both the dogs and their handlers.


Choose from either group. These groups are open to beginners who have a base level of fitness and want to provide their dog with good role models and see more experienced dogs at work.



​Improvers is suited to those who can run 5km or further in sub 28 minutes. This group is about working faster and reading the trails at a higher speed. You will work in 'mock race' environments with your dogs and build up more advanced skills. These sessions are about embedding trail skills but at higher speeds in 'real world' scenarios.


We offer classes and 1:2:1 experiences for junior athletes to give them a chance to learn and develop skills within the canicross field. We focus on developing independence, maturity, responsibility and pride, as well as helping our young athletes learn how to manage their own canicross experience and equipment so that parents are not relied upon as much. 

£6.00 - £7.50 per hour

Running Dog


For those who have already proven that their dogs can manage commands on a trail with other dogs safely, we offer introduction to bikejor and bikejor classes at locations across Nottinghamshire. These are supervised sessions and include loan of kit and advice / tips for handlers.

Bikejor classes are limited in size and participants will be screened for competence prior to attendance. All clients will be required to have attended a 1:2:1 session prior to booking onto a bikejor session.

All attendees must have their own safety equipment and a suitable trail worthy bike in good order.

£10.00 per hour

Running Dog
Kelpie bikejor
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