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Our classes and courses

Please find below a list of our classes and courses along with the links to our booking system.


We hold hikes in different locations.

To see our main calendar, 


We hold regular hikes with our groups where we explore the forest together.  A hike is ideal for those who have had injury and those who want to walk their dogs safely and in a controlled environment. Our hike classes are perfect for reactive dogs and a great way to socialise your dog in a relaxed stress free environment.

We hike at Sherwood Pines, Clumber, and other local sites. Kit is available to borrow if required.

Walk 2 Run and Mixed Ability canicross

BOOK HERE for Walk2Run

BOOK HERE for Mixed Ability

Our regular walk to run groups are designed for the beginner, or those who are looking to build fitness without the pressure of long running sections. These sessions provide a great mix of walking and gentle jogging to help build fitness in both the dogs and their handlers.

Mixed ability groups are open to those who have a base level of fitness and want to provide their dog with good role models and see more experienced dogs at work.

Bikejor Coaching


For those who have already proven that their dogs can manage commands on a trail with other dogs safely, or for those who physically cannot run, but still enjoy the trails, we offer introduction to bikejor and bikejor classes at locations across Nottinghamshire. These are supervised sessions and include loan of kit and advice / tips for handlers.

Man-Hunt ( trailing to find people)


Our Man-hunt classes are specific classes where you will be taught how to introduce scents to your dog and track a human in order to find them. These are great ways to work your dog without hours of off lead running.

Scent training


We offer online remote scent training courses as well as 1:2:1 in person scent training where you can teach your dog indications and specific scents for future fun and games.

Race  Experiences - COMING SOON

1:2:1 Coaching - BOOK HERE

Junior Coaching - COMING SOON

These race experiences are perfect for those wanting to test their skills in a race environment, or for preparing for your race season at any level.

Our 1:2:1 Coaching is designed for specific training goals and can be used as a trouble shooting session, or alternatively we can help ush you to reach your own fitness goals with your dogs.

Our Junior coaching is specifically targeted at our junior athletes an as we hold full insurance and DBS clearances alongside our own teaching qualifications, we can support all ages with appropriate and targeted training.

6 week strength and conditioning classes

A series of 6 weeks progressive training with a focus on functional strength work for trail runners. Not only will you feel better but you'll move better as well! Online live classes weekly, with recordings to help you stay on track and motivated! The perfect accompaniment to yoru summer training.


1:2:1 coaching

Our 1:2:1 sessions can be booked midweek or at the weekend by arrangement. To focus on specific elements of your training, or just to brush up on your fitness. Email or call to arrange a time to suit you!

What Our Clients Say


Abbie & Pip

"If you're reading these reviews because you're thinking about booking a session, just go and do it because you'll never regret it. David and I could not recommend Canicross Coaching more if we tried! Anne-Marie creates a safe and secure place to learn and try new things and under her guidance, we have improved so much!"
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