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Welcome to our scent training group!

Scent work offers numerous benefits for dogs, particularly throughout the summer months when the weather heats up.

Engaging in scent based activities such as searching or trailing, strengthens the bond between dog and owner, fostering trust and better communication.

This stimulating exercise promotes natural behaviours in our dogs, providing a natural outlet for their energy.

Scent work helps keep our dogs mentally and physically active, contributing to their overall wellbeing, making it great for dog of all ages.

Having identified a need for further activities for our cani-sport dogs, we have trained and gained the title of 'Scentwork Specialist' with The Dog Training College, meaning that we now offer a range of different scentwork activities for you and your dog in and around the Sherwood and North Notts area.

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We offer scent work training for you and your dog!

The Scent Detectives is our Scent Academy for dogs, offering a range of classes and scent activities, including searching and trailing as well as remote scent training so you can teach your dog in your own time at home how to find your keys if you need it! Pawfect for building teamwork skills!

Our remote scent course  teaches you how to train your dog and introduce scent work basics at home. This includes how to get your dog to indicate, passive and active searches as well as trailing skills.

dog training

Searching skills

Searching is a great skill to teach your dog. On average a dog can learn and commit to memory between 8-10 scents and are approximately 96% accurate, however this is mainly down to the skills of the handler and the processes you have taught along the way. We offer classes in searching skills, covering indications, trouble shooting, identifying scents, as well as building up the four Ds.... Duration, Distance, Distraction and Desire.

scent training

Searching for people - Man trailing

Tracking, is the art of identifying a scent and then following it to find a person. In our sessions, we introduce several different scents to the dogs and teach them how to successfully find their person. A great fun activity for all involved! Once you've nailed it, you can even play hide and hunt with the family!

Our mantrailing classes are limited in size and we only trail one dog at a time, to allow you to receive support and feedback as you work your dog. All our training focuses on positive outcomes for your dog. 

man trailing classes
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