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how to get going when the going gets tough...

A little help for those days when you are really not feeling it.

So, today was one of those days… You know, we’ve all had them. The sort of day where you finish work and just think…

“nah… I don’t think I can run tonight, it’s been a long day and I don’t want to make myself too tired! all I need is a good night’s sleep and then I’ll go out tomorrow and feel all fresh and raring to go”

Sorry to say this ladies and gents, but that’s a load of baloney and you and I both know that’s the harsh reality. So here’s a few tips to get you motivated and out there in the fresh air!

#1 – make a plan to exercise with a mate! – that way if you want to drop out, you’ll be less likely because you don’t want to let your friend down.

#2 – combine exercise with a household job…set a timer to challenge yourself – for example, you could clean the kitchen in under 15 minutes! – play 4 songs on your sound system and try to race your way through the cleaning whilst the music is playing! ( I’ll be honest I HATE housework and this is actually the way I get my housework done!)

#3 – get out and walk the dog. 15 minutes or 20 minutes with Fido is a great way to move about and feel better. ( The dog will also be happy with this one as well)


Be firm with yourself and make sure you commit to the exercise for 15 minutes in total! The best bit is that even if you don’t feel like continuing, you can stop. The main point of the 15 minute rule is that you do 15 minutes minimum and if you still don’t feel up to it, then stop. In all honesty every time I have done this I ended up carrying on the exercise, hence why it is such a good tip!

My 15 minute achievements include;



washing and hoovering the car

showering and getting ready for work ( I know, I was pretty impressed with myself for this one!)

and…..running, both trail and road.

Why does 15 minutes really help? there are many theories, but ultimately when you exercise you have to focus on what you are doing. Therefore because of this, you can find yourself not thinking about that meeting at work, or how many emails you haven't answered. Which in turn help you to feel less stressed.

Bottom line… exercise makes you feel better about yourself and if you can do 15 minutes then that still a hell of a lot more that sitting on the couch! Get out and do something!

The 15 minute rule is a fantastic book as well which you can find here

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